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This new release by Dj Roc is banging! He just slams in the deepest sub bass, flips in the fast and furious toms and BANGS AWAY! Love his stuff.

Still a weird kind of twist to the Philly club genre for me, but I have to say that this is fire, furious stuff!

O.rka on this “future trap” groove as he calls it, I can dig this!

Muwookie on a jazzy footwork vibe with this clip here! Cool stuff!

SHAMPOOGOD with this chilled out look into the inner thoughts of his computer!

Ok, this mix by DJ Earl, this mix you guys. This is 2014 electronic dance music right here, enjoy!

Cool track by Traxx!

Interesting remix here ^^ Papa Roach and DJ Quality!

This track :D
I assume this was from some sort of workshop where the kids provided the vocal samples?
Makes for a great sort of vibe on it!

This is a speaker puncher! Needs to be played at high volume for maximum effect ;)