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I’m just blogging too little footwork lately, here you have another big ass release by Plot Twist!

My god, this shit is so lovely. Kawaii stuff you people, get to know before it hits the fan, because it will! SO much nostalgia feels with these tunes, they do remind you of the entire video-game rise-up we were allowed to be part of.

Sweet and cuddly ;)

Fast and heavy, just like we love em! Calculon and Austion Speed on this one, Get Murked!

Ooooff, weighty!

HHold me now baby. Lovely work!

Itoa on a future dancehall jam, Love his work (with a big L indeed). Free download too, thx man!

Tha feeeels!

Owww reaaaaal Chicago booty house by the man RP BOOO! RP Technic damnnit!

Emoji Muzik, I think the name speaks for itself!