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This beat! Damn good stuff!

Cultural tune my Mackboogaloo, great stuff!

If Samuel L. Jackson got money for every track his bad-ass voice is used in..

Great remix by Nikes!

The man Nangdo on this one. It’s moving fast for sure!

Addison Groove on this one with none other than the late Dj Rashad, sweet tune!

Crackerjack sends us this tune with peace and love! He likes deep kind of girls, wait wot? ;)

So this album is out today on Saturate Records, G Jones on these tunes!

Don’t let the Thunderdome cover stop you from listening, give it a try. This track bangs so fucking hard! I WILL fit this into some kind of juke set, trust me!

(Source: youtube.com)

The man called Poivre! He makes a ton of tunes, really love his sound!